#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

The cast of #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

The new E! reality TV show, #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is my new favorite show! I love watching the 20 something billionaires trotting around Rodeo drive shopping with unlimited budgets, taking weekend trips to exotic destinations, showering in Dom and Cristal, and quarreling over their petty and fabulous problems. This show features the kings and queens of rich kids of Instagram, the site where the insanely wealthy post photos of their equally insane parties and shopping endeavors. I hate the people who take one look at these socialites, criticize how they live their lives, and look down on the things they say. The cast of #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills aren’t harming anyone, and most of them have actually graduated from great universities and are planning on doing outstanding things in the future. I do not take any shame in binge watching their crazy antics. I have learned many rules for life from the reality madness… never dance on the bar until 1 a.m., always spend within your means, when partying poolside wear a flat open toed sandal, and always check the “selfie-lighting” before buying an apartment. This show is something for people like me to aspire to and I love that for just 30 minutes, I can feel like I live inside their exclusive world. Remember rich kids, WE ARE THE RICH AND POPULAR.


The Chic Peak

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