New Designer Spotlight

We are in the midst of Fall 2014 NYC fashion week! One of my favorite collections so far is from a true, cool New York designer, Creatures of Comfort. I haven’t even heard of this brand or its designer, Jade Lai until a few days ago, but I am all about this new edgy downtown Creatures of Comfort girl. This collection featured baggy shapes, heavy knits, color blocking, cocooning coats, relaxed pants, and layering (all huge trends for fall). There were a lot of classic Americana references like plaid, jumpsuits, menswear inspired ensembles, and sharp lines. There were also a lot of references to the transition women had to make from feminine housewives into the role of hardworking, independent women during World War II (think Rosie the Riveter). Even though it harkened back to the simpler days, this collection was fresh and modern with an avant-garde twist. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely a “Creature of Comfort.”


The Chic Peak

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