A Sketch I can Call My Own

My "New Look" Inspired Sketch
My “New Look” Inspired Sketch

After nearly a month of critiquing others, I thought that it would be a great idea to show you trustee followers what I am made of. Every so often I will show you one of my sketches and what I was inspired by/thinking while drawing it. I will also be showing you guys my own pictures of anything I see on the street, in stores, and personal things that live up to “The Chic Peak” name and standards.

For this sketch I was really  inspired by Christian Dior and what he loved in designs. These signatures are shape, structure, and red. I did an off the shoulder top and sweat-heart neckline making the neck appear longer. I played up the female figure with a classic Dior “new look” on top (pinched in waist and flared out fabric right above the hips). This makes for a slimmer appearance and beautiful, graceful silhouette. On the bottom I did a full length mermaid skirt that also uses the “new look” codes, but I made it more angular and therefore, more modern. Another staple for femininity, chicness, and ferociousness is the color red. I used different shades and tints of the primary hue to make this garment more interesting and fun. In between these variances of red are random black sheer panels to show a hint of skin and elongate the figure, while remaining modest. The top of this ensemble is 1940’s chic while the bottom is modern with a funky flair. In my opinion, this makes for an evening look full of glamour and romanticism.


The Chic Peak

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