Accessory of the Week (My NYC Purchase)

Burberry Check Merino Wool Scarf, $295 Available at Burberry

Sorry for not posting in a whole week! Iv’e been living the high life in NYC at the three “B’s,” Bergdorf’s, Barneys, and Burberry. This week’s accessory of the week is a little pick-me-up from my shopping excursion for the men. I bought a gorgeous and iconic scarf from Burberry, which I love and hold very dear. I know we do not talk about price, but I also chose this scarf because a Burberry cashmere scarf is usually $395, but the one I bought was 100% wool and only $295. At first, I was a little apprehensive about the 100% wool, but when I got to the store and tried it on, it was just as soft and twice as warm. I will never ever buy a camel, ivory, navy, grey, or black check scarf because they are so boring and everyone has them. Instead, I chose this one because it features fringing at both ends and beautiful teal, emerald green, and cobalt as the signature check.  I know this piece will last me a lifetime and serve its purpose gracefully. I am extremely excited about my 5th ave. purchase and highly recommend it.  Enjoy…


The Chic Peak

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