Accessory of the Week

Kelly Double Tour Bracelet in Malachite Green Swift Calfskin, Available at Hermes $550

This week’s accessory is sure to be apart of, or be the inspiration for, your spring uniform. The Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet is inspired by the closure on the house’s famed Kelly bag. This bag was named after the late Grace Kelly and much like the Princess of Monaco, it is known for it’s understated elegance. The Double Tour is a modern interpretation, but the message of an easy sophistication remains the same. The twisting leather straps and palladium  hardware give this bracelet an edgy feel. This Malachite green color is one of my favorites ever. It is so vibrant, fun, and summery. Hermes is famous for its super high quality materials, especially leathers. They has even started their own crocodile farm in Australia. The calfskin used to make this bracelet is buttery soft and flexible, making it comfortable enough to wear all day. The cool turn lock makes it a breeze to get on and off and add interest. Each Hermes product, including this one, is hand crafted using haute techniques perfected by the house’s Atelier. This means this bracelet will become a family heirloom, each child is begging for in your will. Whether shopping with friends or fine dining, this Double Tour bracelet is sure to pack a punch into any outfit. It is the pure definition of lively chic.


The Chic Peak

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