Dior is Back


As you all know, my favorite designer of all time is the storied house of Christian Dior. Raf Simons, the current creative director, has had a little bit of trouble finding his path in his designs. Christian Dior is known to be a maximalist brand, while Raf Simon’s own aesthetic is minimalist. For his Fall 2014 collection, Raf has certainly found the recipe for success. The new Dior woman is one who knows what she wants in life and goes after it. She holds a top position in the workplace and needs suits that match her fierce personality. She never gives up her femininity or sensuality and also need flirty dresses for evening. I love the vibrant pops of girly colors against the perfectly tailored suits.They work for fall and winter because they are more striking than springy. Raf brought back classic favorites like gorgeous Audrey Hepburn elbow-gloves and modern, lengthy over-coats with short sleeves. Super cute shifts and scarves made an appearance with flirty hemlines cut on the bias. There were a whole slew of stunning dresses layered two at a time, which I have never seen before. They featured angular cutouts and slits that showed fun flashes of color. Taking this striking and modern look and combining it with the signature Dior embellishment made for a refreshing combination on old and new. One thing that Raf has never included in his ready-to-wear designs are hip pads. Hip pads are usually seen in Haute Couture garments to give a woman an hour-glass shape and hold up the garment. Raf Simons used them brilliantly by giving the models a vivacious figure without making them look big. The shoe lace strings creeping down the sides of dresses and suits were an eclectic and unexpected touch. This show also featured amazing textures and mixing of textures like fur and quilted fabrics. Fun, high-low dresses and tulip skirts were a super chic touch and reminiscent of Dior shapes. Raf Simons exemplified what it means to be a modern designer at a classic house, you must respect the old codes of the house and modernize them to be successful. I knew Raf could do it, and I hope he continues with awe inspiring collections.


The Chic Peak

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