Mini Mood Board Monday: The Traveller


As I was putting all of my findings from this month’s Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and Elle magazines together, I found a common thread between a very large majority of them. This trend is “The Traveller.” A woman in search of something greater, but while she is looking, she will only travel in style and the lap of luxury (is there any other way.) I’m talking sitting on a huge mound of Louis Vuitton luggage with a surplus of designer threads to match this opulent, over indulgent style. This was the picture that inspired this trend: model Edie Campbell in the Louis Vuitton ads. This woman isn’t journeying to your typical Paris, she is off to places like Marrakech, Abu Dhabi, and Istanbul. For this look, think Sex and the City 2. Flowey Botticelli-eseque dresses evoke a stunning mirage amongst the desert sand and exotic skin accessories with tribal features like fringe will unleash your wild side. Another look to accomplish this feel is that of an uptight business woman trekking through the desert. Things like a button- up shirt buttoned halfway with rolled up sleeves or a skirt with a dangerously high slit. Two colors I love for this trend are deep, bright yellow because it reminds me of sunny days and terracotta red because it looks very rich, earthy, and natural, but in the chicest way. With any trip to the desert or the market comes elaborate embroidery, beading, and prints that recall all of the scenery and vibrant colors that appear in this area. Designers showed tons of funky sunglasses to shade you from the harmful UV rays and Hermes scarves are a must for any desert ready look. My favorite way to wear any silk scarf is tying them into a turban headband. Also try to pile jewelry of all different textures, colors, and materials on. To top the look off go for natural, beachy curls, a fresh face, and strong eyebrows.



The Chic Peak

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