Best and Worst of the 2014 Met Gala

Charles James’ gowns photographed by Cecil Beaton in 1948

This year’s Met costume institute exhibit is called Charles James: Beyond Fashion. Charles James is the forgotten couturier of the 1940’s and 50’s. He redefined the way women dress with his unique, sculptural garments, which epitomize the best of couture. James has been referred to as, “America’s greatest couturier, the world’s best and only dressmaker who has raised it from an applied art to a pure art form” by Cristobal Balenciaga himself and even credited to have inspired Christian Dior’s famous New Look. This creative genius was the reason tons of celebrities and fashion biggies chose dresses that reflect James’ elegant and timeless style. Here are my five best and five worst from fashion’s biggest night. Take note because these are going down in the history books.


Taylor Swift in Oscar de la Renta

Charles James would love Taylor Swift’s pink Oscar de la Renta confection. She looked so sophisticated, feminine, and chic. Her hair, makeup, embroidery, bustle in the back, and silhouette harken back to couture’s glory days, but remains timeless.

Beyonce in Givenchy

Beyonce’s Givenchy ensemble was sexy and vivacious, yet elegant and beautiful. Her birdcage and deep lip were stunning and enhanced her mysterious vixen look. The gracefulness of the chiffon fabric and peplum balanced the harshness of the studs. I love the caftan “down-to-there, up-to-here” shape because if you got “it” like Beyonce, wouldn’t you flaunt it too?

Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa

     Karolina Kurkova’s giant ball gown from Marchesa suited her statuesque, super-model frame. The architectural genius of this design combined with the flirty florals resemble a modern-day Charles James creation.

Blake Lively in Gucci Premiere and Ryan Renolds

 Blake Lively stunned and radiated in Gucci last night, but when does she not? She looked like a Grecian goddess in this glimmering gown that featured all of her best assets. Lively floated down the red carpet with husband Ryan Renolds on her arm, the ultimate “it” couple. She looked truly elegant and all eyes were on her…perfection.

Chanel Iman in Topshop and Asap Rocky

Chanel Iman epitomized 20’s flapper chic, dripping in diamonds and lush silk. Topshop managed to elevate their fast fashion outlook to magnificent couture. The lilac purple hue complemented this Victoria Secret model’s perfect skin and the angular lines were a beautiful, creative twist on a classic column dress.



Donatella Versace in Versace

The creative genius behind so many amazing looks didn’t pull through for her own. This dress screamed cheap in its gross green color, gold detail, sparkles, and over-voluminous tulle. One word Donatella, TACKY!

Sandra Lee in Dara Lamb

Television chef, Sandra Lee, looked disgusting in a dress made by her friend (it shows). She attempted to pay homage to the theme, but it failed in a major way. The gloves were just over-kill and this poorly constructed gown is dated. She looked like cinderella doing the walk of shame with two half inflated balloons at her side…Ewww

Shailene Woodley in Rodarte

Shailene Woodley’s dress stunk…literally. She only uses all natural remedies, which include sunning her female private parts. Apparently she smells horrible all the time and almost every designer refuses to loan her clothes because her stench refuses to leave the garments. I can’t remember the last time I saw Woodley looking semi-decent. With clashing, ugly prints and horrible hair, the stench of this outfit is visible. This had nothing to do with the theme and quite frankly, I don’t know why she was inited…call security.

Kate Upton in Dolce and Gabbana

Kate Upton looked like a Carmen Miranda as a medieval wench, she is a model…isn’t she supposed to know better? Her boobs were just waiting to make an un-welcomed appearance the whole night. This dress just weighed her down and wasn’t flattering to say the least.

Lupita Nyong’o in Prada

    Oh how the might have fallen. Amongst a sea of beautiful gowns and heinous atrocities the biggest disappointment was Lupita Nyong’o. This look was supposed to be inspired by the roaring 20’s, but she looked like Tarzan got caught in a net. Lupita was the bright new-comer who could do no wrong. She has never had a fashion mis-step until now. This looked more like a costume than fashion, and just because its the Costume Institute is not an excuse. Get back on the saddle Lupita! Reclaim your spot as the fashion “it” girl.


The Chic Peak

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