Virtual Valentino


I love the history of fashion and every era comes with its own “je ne sais quoi.” Great designers crafted spectacular garments that stand the test of time and cannot be rivaled by anyone. Living in Atlanta, GA, I am not privy to any fashion exhibitions. I have experienced the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition at the Met, but my journey through the fashion decades ends there. I immerse myself in books, movies, and websites but nothing compares to looking at a real vintage couture dress. I have recently discovered the next best thing for people who live in towns neglected by fashion’s past. The Valentino virtual museum was created in memoriam of Valentino Garavani’s departure from his namesake brand. As the last “great couturier,” Valentino held a retrospective of all of his work since he started in the 60’s and  a final couture show at the Roman Museo de la Ara Pacis. The lavish opening party was the hottest event of the season, hosting a-list guests from Ann Hathaway to Karl Lagerfeld. The virtual museum is modeled after the original, in all its glory. You can roam around the 3-d space and explore Valentino muses, past creations, collections, inspirations, sketches, paintings, and information on all clothes. Click on any outfit and you have the ability to learn everything possible about it. If I need a dose of fabulous, a few clicks and Valentino’s luxurious world is right at my fingertips.

(click download desktop application)

The Chic Peak

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