Accessorie(s) of the Week: WOC

saintlaurent, Monogram Saint Laurent Chain Wallet in Lipstick Red Grain de Poudre Textured matelassé Leather

Saint Laurent Monogram Saint Laurent Chain Wallet in Lipstick Red Grain De Poudre Textured Matelasse Leather, Available at Saint Laurent $1,250; Chanel Patent Goatskin Wallet on Chain Embellished with a CC Signature, Available at Chanel $1,825; Prada Document Holder in Orchid Pink, Available at Prada $680; Gucci Nouveau Purple Python Chain Wallet, Available at Gucci $1,290; Salvatore Ferragamo Miss Vara Bow Clip Wallet-on-a-Chain in Plume, Available at Neiman Marcus $675; Louis Vuitton Chaine Wallet in Amarante Monogram Vernis Leather, Available at Louis Vuitton $1,140 

The Wallet on Chain (WOC) is a recent invention that combines the functionality of a wallet with elegance of a chain bag. The chain can be removed on almost any WOC and used as a regular wallet. With the chain, it can be a cross-body for day and slung over-the-shoulder for evening. Instead of throwing a wallet in your handbag, your handbag is a wallet that can hold all of your essentials. A WOC costs substantially less than a run-of-the-mill evening clutch or handbag, but has twice the practicality and double the style.


The Chic Peak

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