Best and Worst of the 2013 Emmys


Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere in Lorena Sarbu Attending the 2014 Emmys

Hayden Panettiere, looked stunning in an embellished Lorena Sarbu creation. The “Nashville” star was not afraid of a deep plunge, which accentuates her small frame. I absolutely adore the beading on this dress, the starburst effect is incredible and eye-catching. Both her and her growing baby-bump are both adorable .

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts in Elie Saab Attending the 2014 Emmys

Instyle covergirl, Julia Roberts, showed up on the red carpet and upstaged all of the 20 somethings. She is so timeless, and this beaded Elie Saab mini enhances her beauty and vibrant personality. The the length balances the heavy embroidery, making this ensemble effortless, yet appropriate for the Emmys.

Claire Danes

Vogue Daily — Claire Danes in Givenchy and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry
Claire Danes in Givenchy Attending the 2014 Emmys

Claire Danes’ bright red Givenchy confection was a sure show-stopper. This dress is tailored to her body perfectly and the lace inserts are an unexpected twist. Ruby Lorraine Schwartz jewels give the dress an artful finish. Danes does modern hollywood glamour to perfection.


Katherine Heigl

Katharine Heigl in Vintage John Hayles attending the 2014 Emmys

 Katherine Heigl is so beautiful, but when I see this, I just want to cry. She looks like a 90-year-old grandmother of the bride. The champagne-gold color washes her out and the silk is very cheap looking. Such a shame.

Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet in Giambattista Valli Attending the 2014 Emmys

Amanda also resembles someones grandma, but instead of a wedding, she looks like she is going to sleep. This nigh gown inspired dress is too covered up and the floral print is outdated. The bow cinches her in at the wrong place, she just looks awkward. Her hair is a throwback to the 80s and she never make an appearance on anyone over the age of six. Amanda needs to take some notes on dressing for two from Hayden Panettiere.

Yael Stone

Yael Stone Attending the 2014 Emmys

Yael Stone from “Orange is the New Black” looks like a slutty geisha in this heinous frock. The slit is way too high and the neckline is way too low (the bondage straps are not helping). She claims the designer made this in three days- ya, we can tell.

Important Note:

Scrolling through the pictures from last night, I noticed that almost everyone’s ensembles were just blah. Please step it up for the coming award shows and make fashion fun, not safe. I would rather see someone take a risk and fail than wear the same ugly satin dress again.


The Chic Peak

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