Alexander McQueen Spring 2015

Through a sea of average, normcore ensembles, we can always count on Sarah Burton at McQueen to present us with a fashion fantasy to die for. Spring-Summer 2015 led Burton eastward; finding inspiration in the tensions between a lady-like geisha and fierce samurai in Japan. Fluid silhouettes were anchored by leather harnesses, and architectural pieces were imagined in girlish pink with frilly accents. This mix of extreme innocence and edge held that perverse, savage beauty, for which McQueen has become known for. Burton’s love for Japan began when she visited on business for the late (Lee) Alexander McQueen. Her rendition of traditional Japanese garments, like the Kimono, received a British update with sharp tailoring and exaggerated proportions. I am always awestricken when viewing an Alexander McQueen show because the artistry and attention to detail is so extraordinary. Sarah Burton’s recent collections have been so magnificent and emotionally touching because she channels Lee’s unique creative energy and obsession with beauty through her own lens.


The Chic Peak

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