New York’s Golden Boy Rocks Paris

Fall 2013:

Spring 2014:

Fall 2014:


Spring 2015:

When a new designer assumes the role of creative director at any historic house, I give them a four collection trial run to measure their abilities. Alexander Wang’s transition to Balenciaga has been one of the most seamless and successful I have ever seen. Since his first collection in 2013, Wang has been cranking out the cult-favorite looks one after the other. His edgy, downtown style has given Balenciaga a new perspective on fashion, while still keeping its former codes. Once the go-to house for elegant sophisticates in the 1940s, Balenciaga, under reign of Wang, is now catering to the chic and ever-stylish city girl, who prefers her couture with a little spice. Alexander Wang always pays tribute to founder Cristobal Balenicaga’s famed fluid lines and cocoon-like silhouettes, while updating and reinventing them each season. Wang’s gorgeous marbled furs, printed boy-shorts, zippered trousers, cable knit coats, and crystallized embellishments are modern additions to the house’s classic pieces. Although they share no similarities in upbringing or career paths, Wang and Balenciaga both have a passion for innovative design, beautiful clothes, and strong women. These beliefs are heavily engrained into both brands’ DNA, and are the driving forces to their success. Alexander Wang, New York’s bad boy of style, and the fabulous house of Balenciaga might be an unexpected pairing, but it is one of the most perfect and revolutionary ones in fashion history.


The Chic Peak

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