Blake Lively: The Chicest Mom-to-Be Ever


It was the web-post heard around the world. Blake Lively announced her long awaited pregnancy via her new lifestyle website,, and it didn’t take long for her millions of fans to swoon over the perfectly artsy photograph. Ever since Lively posted it, people have been anticipating how the style icon will clothe her growing bump. The bombshell has gained weight elegantly; and her statuesque frame and natural radiance have only been enhanced. Blake has not once sacrificed style and grace during her pregnancy, which is a major feat in and of its own. Often spotted out-and-about in her beloved Manhattan, she is always put together in exceptionally styled ensembles with a glowing smile. Dressing for two is a challenge, but Lively pulls it off effortlessly and fabulously. Pieces from Michael Kors and are staples of her day-to-day and evening wardrobes. Blake loves to play with proportion to either conceal or embrace the bump. Flirty, high waisted skirts and layered extras are genius ways to make it less noticeable. For formal affairs, lean silhouettes and clean lines show the bump off gracefully. Lively keeps her own personal style with mix-matched prints, bold colors, fun accessories, and bared skin. Blake Lively is one of the most stunning, talented, and vibrant actresses; and her pregnancy has somehow elevated her perfectness. The Chic Peak congratulates Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds on the upcoming birth of their first child! Their future offspring has won the genetic lottery.


The Chic Peak

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