Bergdorf Goodman’s Holiday Windows Unveiled


Everyone knows that the source of all beauty and splendor lies between 5th avenue and 58th street. It is the place where dreams come true and fashion fantasies come alive… of course I’m talking about Bergdorfs! What else could possibly be as magnificent? The Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows are the stuff of legends and this year’s lineup certainly did not disappoint. Very early on in the year, the creative department decided on “inspired” as the theme for 2014. Then, they decided on seven different art forms to represent the idea of being inspired and creating on that inspiration. Music, literature, painting, theatre, architecture, dance, and film were chosen to be featured along the facade of the department store. After many months of hard work from superb craftsmen, the finished products became art installations all their own. The fashions seen in the windows are couture celebrations of art and culture as well. They dazzle, while also enhancing their spectacular surroundings. The unavailing ceremony at Bergdorfs was a star studded bash that literally lit up Manhattan with fireworks. Now that the opulent windows are open to the public, upper-east side princesses and tourists alike will be ogling for months. The windows have so much excruciating detail that you can stand outside for hours, latte in hand, picking each apart object by object. Then go inside to complete your christmas shopping…and maybe pick up a little something for yourself too.


The Chic Peak

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