Kering Fires Frida Giannini From Gucci

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Recently it was announced that French luxury group, Kering, will be firing Frida Giannini from her role as creative director at Gucci. The brand has fallen on hard times financially this past year, with consumers gravitating less towards the brand’s iconic, and somewhat boastful, trademarks. Kering believes that by hiring a hot, young designer, like that of Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton, Gucci will somehow rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. I, however, differ from this belief. Frida Giannini is a marvelous designer who turns out collections for Gucci that speak to the house’s mark on fashion history. Giannini is able to evoke the signature glamour of bygone eras while keeping a fresh perspective. I admire her creative decision to keep Gucci’s legacy intact, instead of trying to modernize the house completely. On top of her outstanding designs, Frida is the “Gucci woman” through and through. She is feminine, but also bold and empowered. Giannini’s clothes seen on the runway in Milan are not the splinter in Gucci’s thumb. Ask any high-end fashion retailer and they will tell you that the garments serve as press for the brand and the perfumes, leather goods, and accessories are what make the money. Instead of firing a brilliant designer like Giannini, Kering should be more concerned with whoever is creating the accessories. By revamping the tired horsebit motif and scrapping the GG print and red and green web design, Gucci will be able to regain its title of fashion’s most influential mega-brand with a newfound outlook on style. I will miss Gianinni’s take on Gucci very much; whoever Kering picks to replace her has enormous shoes to fill.


The Chic Peak

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