Chanel’s Couture Ecology

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For some, couture means frivolity-an outdated, costly form of making clothes that consists of pretty dresses for vapid women. But not Karl Lagerfeld. The Chanel creative director understands its power as a platform to translate ideas to the masses and to deliver us exactly what we need at exactly the right time. In this day and age, when devastating events seem to be lurking around every corner, what we need is to escape; to forget our worries, our troubles, our sorrows and to finally feel at peace. Set within the usual Grand Palais, this time transformed into an minimalist garden complete with lily ponds, a wood pavilion, and simulated blue skies, Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2016 show was a zen-like exploration in sustainability and eco-friendliness. Karl Lagerfeld opted for organic embellishments such as yarn, wild cotton, and wood chips to lend a more natural feel; unexpected elements to discover on any runway, but thanks to the Chanel atelier’s masterful execution, each felt luxurious. Lagerfeld also kept the look for spring elegant- creating pieces with an air of timelessness as a testament to the house’s lasting relevancy. Mainstays received a subtle dose of modernization thanks to unique textiles and fresh silhouettes; the buclé wool suit, most notably, was shown in multiple variations with elongated skirts and puff-sleeved jackets. This lean silhouette carried over into slinky evening dresses- some pleated, some fringed, some dotted with blossoming flowers- to give a 20’s, flapper vibe Neutral tones ranging from white and beige to black and navy made one feel as though each ensemble could be seamlessly mixed and matched according to a customer’s preferences, but two fluttering gowns covered in a bright floral print and a smattering of pale pastel separates grounded the show, adding a healthy dose of springtime fever. The wearability of Chanel’s collection, along with its tremendous lasting power, is incredibly rare in our fast-paced world, flooded with ultra-trendy, blink-and-its-gone clothing. In fact, it was the exact opposite of the fast-fashion movement. It was luxe. It was quality. It was good for the environment: true haute couture.


The Chic Peak

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