New Documentary Takes Us Behind the Scenes of the Met Gala

When there is a documentary in the works covering a fashion-related subject, the world takes note, as these are the few glimpses we get into an ultra-exclusive, ultra-private industry. From Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorfs to Dior and I, and most notably, The September Issue, these films give us VIP access to things we would never be able to see or experience from the people who push fashion forward every single day. This is why we are so eagerly awaiting the release of The First Monday in May- a new documentary that delves deep into the intricacies of putting on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute exhibit as well as its annual gala (named “the Super Bowl of social fashion events” by André Leon Talley). The First Monday in May, premiering at the Tribeca film Festival, focuses on last year’s exploration of Chinese influence on western designers- aptly named “China: Through the Looking Glass.” This particular showing caught the attention of filmmaker Andrew Rossi because of its grande scale, high-strung drama, and potentially racist undertones if not handled in the right way. Although the documentary follows Vogue Special Projects Director, Sylvana Ward; art curator, Andrew Bolton; and goddess of all things sartorial, Anna Wintour as they prepare for the most important night in fashion, not everything is seating charts and flower arrangements; The First Monday in May has an overarching purpose of answering the long-debated question: can fashion really be considered art? If you weren’t lucky enough to walk the Met Gala red carpet, this is your invitation to all of the glamour and excitement; so Grab your gown, pop some popcorn, and watch the process unfold before you.


The Chic Peak

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