Monique Lhuillier Fall/Winter 2016

The 70’s have been one of the most cited sources of inspiration among designers as of late. Many have found success in taking sartorial hallmarks from the decade’s colorful anti-establishment youth and revitalizing them to fit in with our current times. This is more than just a simple trend- it is a collective yearning for the freedom and fearlessness we associate with 70’s icons amid our daily grind. Icons like screen star and style maven, Talitha Getty have served as shinning examples of how to instill that wanderlust we crave into mere fabric. It just so happens that Getty played muse to Monique Lhuillier for her Fall/Winter 2016 outing.

Her wildly extravagant tastes could be seen as soon as the opening look debuted- a beautiful blush gown with a camel overcoat. It felt retro, sure, but with a distinct femininity that has come to be a Lhuillier trademark. The mashups of prints and textures also felt like a page torn right from Getty’s book. A pair of cheeky wide-legged pants would look perfectly at home in her Moorish style palace in Marrakech. Though, when paired with a peek-a-boo lace top and fur stole, the ensemble as a whole read more Park Avenue than Moroccan bizarre. Though dresses- a Lhuillier specialty-represented the bulk of the collection, the designer cleverly put a focus on daywear separates to offer a more expansive range. However, it wouldn’t be a Monique Lhuillier presentation without a fleet of gowns to close it out. The shimmering metallic numbers, with their dizzying embroideries, were a standout, and had a slightly edgier attitude than what we have come to expect.

With these hits, Lhuillier also showed a few misses: a lime green column dress with silvery  details seemed tacky, while a sheer, polka-dot gown was 70’s overkill. At certain points, the designer’s show mantra of ‘more is more’ went to extremes. Every time this occurred she managed to reign it in, sending out an ensemble that displayed a harmonious blend of delicate sweetness and daring eclecticism to draw us back. These were the best looks- fresh, elevated takes on the Lhuillier brand.


The Chic Peak

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