The Suicide Squad is Killing it On the Movie Premiere Circuit

Leading ladies Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne have been spotted all over racking up press attention for the upcoming release of their new movie, Suicide Squad. From London to New York, this ultra-chic duo has pulled out every sartorial stop at every possible stop along the way. Read on and see how a hollywood golden girl and a supermodel-turned-actress are setting standards intimidatingly high for every celeb.

Margot Robbie:

Whether she’s out and about in Manhattan in an on-trend off-the-shoulder number from Rosa Getty or walking the red carpet in a pale pink Gucci gown complete with whimsical detailing, Robbie has solidified herself as a bonafide fashion maven. Keep an eye out for this one.

Cara Delevingne

Most of us know Cara for her wicked humor, covetable eyebrows, and fierce strut; well, here’s another thing she can add to her resume: accomplished actress. Although she has made the near impossible leap from runway to big screen, you will be delighted to know she hasn’t lost her edge, parading around in gothic looks from McQueen and Vaccarello.


The Chic Peak

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