Louis Vuitton Re-enters the Fragrance Market

At a glance, Louis Vuitton would seem to be the one-stop-shop for all luxury lifestyle items. From praised ready-to-wear to a library of books, finely crafted timepieces to the French label’s famed trunk,  is there anything Vuitton doesn’t offer up in monogramed spades? Well, until now, it has been devoid of a fragrance collection- the retail sector’s longtime cash cow. Competitors like Dior and Chanel have mastered the art of selling scent- their most beloved creations, Miss Dior and Chanel No.5 respectively, have earned icon status while Vuitton has been sitting on the sidelines. Finally, after 90 years out of the game, Louis Vuitton is making a splashy debut for its 7 new liquids.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 12.34.54 AM

                                     Louis Vuitton Parfums, $240 Each

The master nose behind this operation is perfumer Jacques Cavallier who aimed to celebrate the various incarnations of femininity- Matière Noir, a woody scent comprised of patchouli and agarwood, is deeply sensual while the flowery Rose Des Vents signifies a bright sweetness. For Dans La Peau and Mille Feux, the collection’s two leathery scents, Cavallier innovated a process for infusing leather cast-offs from Vuitton’s malletier. Leather notes are typically curated from nature, making this diffusion of the house legacy into its fragrance extraordinarily unique- a one-of-a-kind olfactory experience.

Cavallier scoured the globe for the most luxurious and freshest ingredients: Vanilla from Madagascar, Jasmine sourced in China, and the famed Grasse rose picked in the fields of Grasse, France. This spirit of travel is at the heart of Louis Vuitton whose wears have been coveted by the well-heeled jet set for many decades. With this line of artisanal perfumes, you can bring that intoxicating exoticism right to the table of your boudoir.

Lea Seydoux in the Louis Vuitton Parfum Ad Campaign

With scents as fabulous as these, Vuitton needed someone equally ravishing to be the face of the entire line. Enter Lea Seydoux- the breathtakingly beautiful actress who promises to be the next it-girl of French cinema since Marion Cotillard rose to international acclaim. Her seductive looks intermingle with a decidedly modern aura, revealing a complex feminine attitude. She is the Vuitton woman: classic, yet very in the here-and-now, making Seydoux a perfect fit.


The Chic Peak

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