Three Resolutions for a Chic New Year in 2017

New Year’s is a time for more than just skimpy little party dresses and flutes filled to the brim with champagne, it’s a time for self assessment- a time to keep track of the progress we have made toward our life goals or to realize new ones. However, this holiday can turn from hopeful to down right draining when the clock strikes twelve and the reality of training to drop twenty pounds sets in.

While I do not have the skill set to help those with the resolution above (6:00 AM pilates classes may be in your future), if your seeking out ways to up your style game in 2017, I’m at your service! I won’t waste your precious Instagram scrolling time with over-reaching, over-clichèd resolutions like stepping out in Marc Jacobs’ raver-kid club gear from his Spring collection, so below you’ll find just three simple steps to chicer new year. Now, we can all drink to that!

Sort out Your Closet:

If you consider shopping to be a sport, it’s pretty safe to say that you have amassed quite a collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories over the years. 2017 is as good a time as any to dive into the depths of your closet and rediscover some oldies that are definitely street-style worthy goodies. Vintage band tees from your rebellious years, for example, pair great with give just about anything an irreverent, downtown vibe. Digging through your treasure trove can also reveal some less precious gems you might want to toss; if you have not worn it in the past year, it’s forever damaged, or it simply doesn’t fit with your current style, get rid of it and you’ll feel fresher instantly. Minor changes like choosing a singular hanger style for all your clothes and displaying handbags like the works of art they are will make getting dressed more fun.

Treat Yo Self:

Most people will tell you to invest in the classics- the quilted black shoulder bag, the perfect nude pump- but where’s the fun in that? I prefer to splurge on accessories that are updated, amped-up versions of their old-school counterparts. Balenciaga’s Blackout City bag (new creative director Demna Gvasalia’s rendition on the time-honored favorite) is a great score because it is unique enough to make your heart quicken every time you see it,  but isn’t so trendy that it will be out by next season. The same goes for Gucci’s buzz-worthy, stark white tennis sneakers. Purchasing a few designer favorites at the onset of each season will update all of your wardrobe workhorses and make you feel giddy. Go forth to Barneys or Net-A-Porter, it’s okay to be a label whore sometimes.

Burst Out of Your Comfort Zone:

Color-phobe? Flats averse? When the new year comes around it’s time to try something different in order to keep your look fresh. Start off with just one piece from a fast fashion retailer like Zara or Topshop, so the risks are not too high if your experiment doesn’t pan out the first time around. Pair your pick with something that feels safe. If your inspired by the Kardashian/Jenner clan, you might be inclined to try out the sheer trend. The idea of exposing skin, though, might have prevented you from ever attempting it. 2017 is the time to change that. Simply tuck an understated lace top into high-waisted denim for a sleek, yet casual ensemble. With some practice and whole lot of courage, the trends that once terrified you could become your new signatures.


The Chic Peak

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