Emma Stone Schools Us in How to Make Yellow Chic

We all know the most challenging hue to pull off is yellow- the sunny pieces sitting in the backs of our closets, tags still shamefully attached are proof. Emma Stone, however, has made yellow her color of choice (who doesn’t remember the Versace gown she donned for The Amazing Spiderman premier?) She very recently stunned in not just one, but three yellow frocks on the press tour for her hit movie La La Land. From a ruffled Gucci midi to a structured a-line by Giambatistta Valli, Stone’s  triple whammy of style showed us that when in doubt, keep the color classic. Don’t force it to be something it isn’t: edgy or understated. Instead, embrace it’s exuberant, girlish, and cheerful, connotations by donning a playful yellow dress. Stay away from neon or murky, brownish versions of the color and opt for marigolds and canary yellows as they suit a wider range of skin tones. To keep it from becoming overpowering, play with other rich colors like fuchsia and navy in your accessories and makeup. Below


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*Above: Emma Stone and Ryan Gossling in La La Land

The Chic Peak

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