Instant Wardrobe Update: Dresses Over Pants


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The idea of wearing a dress over pants has traces of the childish whimsy you  would see in a toddler given permission to pick out her own school clothes. It’s a combination that is somewhat out of the ordinary, sure, but it’s brilliant. This styling hack creates a bold silhouette that can reinvent any dress or pants you may already have in your closet. By simply throwing on a pair underneath an overly-worn dress, you can hit the refresh button on both items. It’s also practical because who wants to stand outside in the biting cold with bare legs? This lesson in layering may seem tricky to master, but just keep proportions in mind. Match shift dresses with a wide-leg and tight dresses with a skinny-leg. Above all, though, have fun and play around. This is fashion after all, not jury duty.



The Chic Peak

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