Keeping Up With the Kim Klones

What happens when you mix a white hot street-wear label, two reality tv stars with a rumored feud, and a slew of gorgeous social media socialites? A totally chic, internet-breaking stunt.

For Yeezy’s Season 6 ad campaign, Kanye West forwent a typical cast of models, choosing instead to show off his high-waisted sweatpants and oversized outerwear with #KimKlones. Yes, Kim Klones. These are a series of 21st century it-girls from Yovannna Ventura to the Clermont twins dragged up to look like Kim Kardashian. They were posed in several-hundred staged paparazzi shots mimicking those already taken of Kim.

The biggest coup? Legendary socialite Paris Hilton makes an appearance in the campaign. Donning Kim’s signature bleached tresses, she is a dead ringer for the star herself (or at least a distant Kardashian cousin). Hilton is an especially shocking choice given she used to employ Kim way back when she was just a closet organizer. Hilton was her mentor of sorts, introducing her to the world of fame. The two were suspected of having a longtime feud, but this epic collaboration certainly puts those rumors to rest.

Kim and Kanye have certainly developed their own signature aesthetic. They are influencers through and through- if they create or get behind something, people will copy it. This is the same strand of obsession the world held with Hilton in the early aughts- remember those low-slung jeans and Von-Dutch hats? While Kim may have started out cleaning people’s closets, her and her husband now rule what goes in them. With this campaign, they are staking their claim as the ultimate trendsetters. Try as these other girls might, no one can do it like the O.G. Calabasas queen.


Take a looking below to see a few of the best pictures.

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