Trend Alert: The Pioneer Woman

For Fall 2018, designers of all nationalities are looking westward with collections centered on the beauty of America’s heartland. Raw-cut denim, prairie dresses, and feet-upon-feet of fringe capture the spirit of folkloric adventure to get you through the colder months ahead.

Those of you who might shudder at the thought of incorporating nods to the Wild West in your wardrobe need not fret; the doyens of sartorial chic showed us how to pull off the trend without the slightest resemblance to Sheriff Woody in Toy Story.




Keep it simple and opt for subtle nods to Americana rather than donning a full cowboy costume. At Calvin Klein, Raf Simons passed on chaps and styled his western-inspired pocket shirts with haute track pants. Meanwhile Nadège Vanhee- Cybulski at Hermes and Natacha Ramsay-Levi at Chloè layered their paisley printed creations over slick turtlenecks for a modern effect. Take this idea off the runway and into your daily routine by swapping out your wardrobe workhorses for cowboy favorites: bandanas and bolero ties are cooler than your run-of-the-mill choker and a raw denim suit is much more exciting at the office than any wool option.

In a world where style is measured in followers and the hot-ticket item is out faster than it came in, it is refreshing to see a resurgence of good ole’ American nostalgia. The idea of the wild west may be long gone, but you can keep the fantasy alive with the perfect pair of sturdy boots. Forge on.




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