Instant Wardrobe Update: Supersize It

When the temperature begins to drop outside, there is nothing quite like swathing yourself in an enormous, comfy blanket inside. But what is the sartorial equivalent for the occasions when you must venture into the frigid world beyond your heated home? Extremely oversized and exceptionally cool outerwear.

The fashion-sphere has been abuzz with colossal coats ever since Demna Gvasalia began experimenting with them at Balenciaga to mimic founder Cristobal’s iconic cocoon silhouettes. What started in 2016 with slightly slouched sporty puffers has snowballed in 2018 into neon parkas of behemoth proportions worn over a multitude of layers. The likes of John Galliano at Maison Margiela and Marc Jacobs also got in on the maximalist fun this season, adding unique touches to their creations like utilitarian pockets and dramatic gem tones.

By merely throwing on a loose trench or boxy denim jacket, you can to elevate your look to street style star status in no time. Let your outerwear selection be the star of the show and pair it with form fitting basics or layer it over another jacket for a distinctly modern look- and extra warmth. Belt a knee length coat and wear it out as a dress or take a cue from the Kardashian/Jenner sisters and shrug it off your shoulders. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to this piece, ensuring a fresh look with each and every wear.  Bigger definitely means better.

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The Chic Peak

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