Christian Louboutin’s New Nail Polish Line

The biggest news in the beauty world is the introduction of Christian Louboutin’s new nail care line. This collection features a selection of 31 shades of gorgeous hues, but the highlight is Rouge Louboutin. This exquisite, vibrant red is the exact color used on the famous soles of Christian Louboutin’s shoes. As Louboutin was creating his shoes, he felt as though something was missing. His assistant’s red nail polish inspired him to paint the soles in a decadent red, and an icon was born. Christian Louboutin wanted the bottle to be like a work of art displayed on a beautiful vanity. The ombre gem shape encases the red lacquer The cap was inspired by Louboutin’s tallest shoe ever, the Ballerina Ultima. This shoe is basically a ballet flat turned at a 90 degree angle and a 20.5 cm heel holding it up. The custom triangular brush makes for exact application all of the time. Christian Louboutin’s formula is chip resistant, has UV protection to keep the color vibrant, and 2 glossy coats has the power of 20 layers of competing polish. Each of the 31 varieties will be sold alongside his shoes, so you can match your nails to your coveted “Loubies.” All of this luxury comes at a high price, $50 for a 0.4 oz bottle. The only way I can justify this is: buy the Rouge Louboutin once just to say that you are wearing Christian Louboutin’s famed red on your nails. Use it only for special occasions, savor every last drop, and keep the bottle for fun. If not, consider this gorgeous red lacquer from Essie named Twin Sweater Set. It looks identical to Rouge Louboutin, but is only $8.50. Whether you chose Essie of Louboutin, you can never go wrong with a classic rouge.

twin sweater set - reds by essie




The Chic Peak

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