The Dish on this Year’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show

The holiday season has officially begun and somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas comes our favorite holiday of all: the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show spectacular. With a gorgeous cast of models (some VS staples and some exciting new additions) and a romantic international destination, this year’s event, which will air on CBS on December 5, promises to be the sexiest in the show’s 21-year history.

The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Cast

The Girls:

Adrianna, Lily, Elsa, Josephine, Martha- much like Beyoncé, these surreal beauties don’t need last names to get us obsessing. All our favorites will be walking in this year’s show, (apart from Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo who recently became mothers) so don’t fret. In addition, however, there will be a slew of fresh faces on the runway to inspire a whole new list of girl crushes. The most notable addition is Bella Hadid who will be following in big sister Gigi’s footsteps. Bella will no doubt bring an edge to the lineup. Other freshman include Lameka Fox, Megan Williams, Luma Gothe, Jourdana Elizabeth, and fashion week it-girl Alanna Arrington. For a model, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is practically the holy grail of gigs-  it places you within a select group of girl who are at the top of their field. Congratulations to the Class of 2016, you’ve made it!

The Location:

This year, Victoria’s Secret will be venturing all the way across the atlantic to Paris! This will mark the second time the extravaganza has been put on outside of New York City- in 2014, it was held in London. VS will use the Grand Palais, a favorite fashion week venue of Chanel, for their annual show. The open, gigantic setting means that the 2016 show will be the largest one yet. Filling the space will surely present a challenge, but come December 5, the Grand Palais is going to be decked out with jaw dropping sets.

The Performers:

Grammy winning artists Lady Gaga, The Weekend, and Bruno Mars are slated to perform during the VS fashion show. All three have new singles like Gaga’s soulful Perfect Illusion and the up-tempo 24K Magic by Mars.

The Segments:

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is always divided into numerous segments, each exploring a different idea of lingerie. They often show a vast range, but no matter what the source of inspiration the looks are always creative and over-the-top. 2016’s segments are “The Road Ahead,” “Secret Angels,” “Mountain Romance,” “Pink Nation,” “Dark Angel,”and “Bright Night Angel.” Some sketches for the show have been released and model fittings revealing  fully formed outfits are being made public nearly every day. From what we have seen so far, the lingerie is certainly deserving of their Parisian backdrop.

Angel Jasmine Tookes In the “Bright Night” Fantasy Bra

The Fantasy Bra:

While each and every Victoria’s Secret model is drop dead gorgeous, the star of the show is undoubtedly whichever angel gets the privilege of wearing the brand’s notorious fantasy bra. For this year that is Jasmine Tookes, the stunning American model known for her rigorous workouts and killer body. Designed by jeweler Eddie Borgo, the fantasy bra is composed of about 9,000 precious stones and over 450 karats worth of 18K gold. Borgo added a dash of his signature edge to the lingerie piece with spikes and an emerald tassel. 2016’s fantasy bra is called “Bright Night” and it will go for $3 million. Tookes, who first walked the show in 2012 and became an angel in 2015, will sparkle greater than the Eiffel Tower.


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs on CBS on December, 5

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